Maverick Yachts: Quantum Sails and the Luxury Catamaran Market
Thursday, 12th August 2010

Maverick Yachts, based in Montague Gardens, is owned and run by Rudi and Deslynn Pretorius, and Rudi and the company’s story is a really great and truly inspirational one.
Rudi and Deslynn started Maverick Yachts two years ago, in 2007, and for Rudi and his family, this was a dream that became a reality.

The walls of Rudi’s office boast an impressive array of qualifications that come from ten years of very hard work and study, including and MBA. Rudi was in the transport industry, and after studying for so long, he told his family it was pay-back time – time for him to have fun and get out and about with them. And so, one day Rudi picked up the Cape Ads to buy a caravan – and ended up buying a small yacht instead! Rudi and his family had years of incredible pleasure if their yacht, mainly on Langebaan Lagoon. So much so, in fact, that they decided to upgrade to a Dean Cat, buying an older Dean that they lovingly restored, and which gave them years of cruising pleasure, and they then sold their Dean and bought a Knysna Catamaran.

So how did Rudi get into yacht-building? Well a few years ago, after enjoying years of local cruising, the Pretorius Family had planned to go cruising around the world and was pretty much prepared to set off… but Rudi had started thinking in another direction! Rudi had watched his Knysna cat and other cats being built and thought what a wonderful job these yacht builders had… spending all day creating these beautiful yachts! And so, Maverick Yachts was born…

Rudi put everything he had into starting Maverick Yachts, getting Naval Architect Phil Southwell and marketer Dries van Rooyen on board with him, and today he has launched his second Maverick 400 Catamaran and sixth water taxi and runs a very successful family operation with his wife, Deslynn, by his side.

Rudi tells me he that he is “just an appy yacht builder”. This is hard to believe when one sees the beautiful cats he is creating! “What a wonderful job I have!” he says, “…every day I spend playing, doing my hobby, building yachts.” And it is this incredible attitude and passion for what he does that has made Maverick the huge success it is.

About the Maverick 400 Catamaran

The Maverick 400 is a new-generation cruising catamaran for the discerning owner or owners and their friends and families, in which to explore new worlds and experience a new lifestyle in home-like luxury and comfort. The design is quite unique and based on many years of Phil Southwell’s naval architectural expertise as well as many nautical miles of practical cruising experience – Rudi and his family’s as well as many other parties’ who were involved in the design. The Maverick 400 is certainly more a catamaran for the discerning cruiser rather than the charter market, although a charter version is available. Looking at the Maverick, one can immediately tell that it is put together with the utmost care and attention to quality

Maverick Yachts launched their 1st boat in February 2009, this up-to-the minute, 2008-Phil Southwell designed catamaran incorporates:
• Extra-wide hulls providing good load-carrying and generous cabins with excellent visibility.
• High bridge deck clearance and an enormous cockpit with easy access to the sea.
• An interior incorporating best-practice design and ergonomics for small spaces.
• Deck saloon with wrap-around windows comprising a large galley, saloon, nav-station and breakfast nook, opening up onto the cockpit via sliding glass doors and windows, to create
• an extensive living area.

For those technocrats, some technical specs of the Maverick 400:
• Length Overall 12.20m
• Length Waterline 10.50m
• Beam max 7.45m
• Displacement full load 11500 kg
• Main’s area 41m2
• Genoa area 31m2
• Fresh water 800l
• Fuel 800 l
• Engine power 2 x 30hp

And of course, at Maverick Yachts, safety is always a priority, and so the Maverick 400 offers:
• Collision bulkheads, sealed off.
• Separate fuel tanks for each engine.
• Two separate dedicated batteries for the two engines.
• CE certification ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

The Layout of the Maverick 400

Maverick’s slim’ line keels and broad, flat hulls ensure the catamaran achieves excellent speed under both sail and power. Leeboards, in dedicated housings outside of the hull, ensure exceptional upwind-performance, fast tacking and a shallower draft, while not compromising the hull integrity and interior volume.

The Maverick 400 has very classical proportions; yet the styling is modern, and this combination gives the cat a very timeless appeal. One can hardly believe that the Maverick is a forty-footer when one steps onboard; it certainly has the space inside of fifty footer!

Four steps lead down to the twin master cabins via the wide companion ways, giving a bridge-deck clearance of over 800mm. A doorway at the base of the steps, incorporated into a deck housing, gives ultimate privacy. The cabins are 6X2 m and have great visual space; a single master cabin in each hull allows the luxury of a desk and bureau area, a dressing room with ample cupboards, as well as en-suite heads.

Additional berths are incorporated into the fore-peaks, and forward of the saloon area, which can be used to accommodate occasional guests, kids or crew, as required.

The long coach roof allows for a 'scullery' area forward of the galley where a raised platform for a washing machine and dishwasher ensures this aspect of life-onboard is not neglected.

The cockpit area of the Maverick 400 is large, 3.5 x 2.5m, and incorporates two tiers of seating, drop-down tables, a steering platform with dedicated helmsman's seat and ample stowage. Easy access to the sea via step-through transoms is both a safety and fun feature.

Wide treble doors and sliding windows open up the interior and combines the covered cockpit to form a large area for socialising and entertaining. Large fridge-freezers under a wide counter space between galley and cockpit make life easy when entertaining.

A hard bimini-top with optional soft, zip-up panels in the roof and sides, give good visibility and easy access to sail-controls and also provide attachment and housing for canvas panels that fully enclose the cockpit. Structural support from robust, large-diameter, aluminium pipes support the main track, walkway, dinghy davits, aerials and solar panels.

The Maverick 400 Sails

The obvious choice for Rudi when chosing a sail maker, was Quantum Sails in Cape Town. When it comes to both the luxury and high-performance catamaran market, Quantum is most certainly the preferred choice of sail maker.

The Maverick 400’s sail plan is as follows:
• 44m² or 59 m² with flat top and 35% roach
• Luff 13.890
• Foot 5.540
• Leech 14.400

• 28.3m²
• Luff 14.420
• Foot 5.820
• Leech 12.480
• LP 5.000

Storm Jib
• Luff 7.930
• Foot 3.780
• Leech 5.630
• LP 2.440

These sails are all made from Dacron, and the Maverick also comes with a Nylon Spinnaker.

The South Africa Boating Awards 2009

At the SA Boating Awards in May 2009, Rudi was awarded for his hard work and dedication when the Maverick 400 received the award for the Best Sailing Craft in all sizes.
This is a well-deserved award for the dedication and passion that has gone into creating Maverick Yachts and making the business the success it is.

There must be great things ahead in the future for Maverick Yachts, and new models… When one asks Rudi how many orders he has, and what other models are coming in the future, like the gentleman he is, he smiles, and says, “That’s a secret!”, but one hears that the orders are many, and looking at Rudi’s smile, there are certainly other Maverick models coming that we can look forward to!

• For more information on Quantum’s large and luxury yacht sails, contact Craig Middleton or Tony Strutt at Quantum Sails in Cape Town on + 27 21 593 1620 or or
• For more information on Maverick Yachts, please contact Rudi Pretorius on Tel: + 27 21 552 7752, Fax: _+ 27 866 482266 , Cell: 083 269 3626 or Email:
• Maverick yachts are based at 14 Fourth Street, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa and their Postal Address is PO Box 991, Durbanville, 7551, South Africa

Source: Quantum Sails

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